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How Can Forex Benefit from the Digital Assets Market with Scalable Solutions

Nov 10, 2022
how can forex benefit from the crypto market with Scalable

Reasons for rising interest in crypto

The first half of 2022 has seen some of the worst trends in the market in the last 50 years. The stock market is down three quarters in a row. The last time this happened was during the financial crisis of 2009.

Dissatisfaction with traditional financial markets is reaching its peak. The question that lingers in the air is, where should I invest to earn a return on my money. At this time of global recession, skyrocketing inflation rates, ubiquitous investment uncertainty, major failure of the markets where even the blue chip Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank start to fail, investors and traders start to get drawn towards the digital asset space.

Crypto market benefits for the end-users

The crypto market is alluring for traders and investors for multiple reasons. Some traders take advantage of its earning mechanisms, such as staking and yield farming. Whereas, many long-term investors take the opportunity of this bear cycle to “buy the dip” and stake their assets to multiply their funds until the next bull market.

Also, there are unlimited operating hours in crypto trading. Forex trades 24/5, while crypto trades 24/7. 

Money movement is much easier in crypto, especially these days, as withdrawals do not take more than a couple of minutes. Meanwhile for movement of funds from broker to broker in forex, the withdrawal can take up to several working days.

Crypto industry trends

The expansion of digital asset adoption is driven by institutional recognition. Some of the institutions coming into the space are Revolut, Deutsche Bank, Nasdaq, Fidelity, Visa and Matercard.

There are firm signals that interest in crypto adoption will remain and increase, as 80% of financial institutions say they will definitely use crypto in the next three years. This trend will also be supported by the continuing development of crypto regulatory frameworks.

As regulations for virtual assets come into place, traders and investors are getting more attracted as it feels safer to invest more funds. As a result, the number of professional traders is rising.

Benefits of the crypto market for forex

There are many benefits that crypto trading platform integrations can bring to forex. Let’s focus on the three major ones:

  • Draw new users to forex trading more cost-effectively

Forex companies that already have established brands and user loyalty tap into the crypto space with significantly lower costs of user acquisition. As many amateur crypto traders are growing into becoming professional ones, they will likely be more interested in switching to other instruments.

  • New revenue streams from cryptocurrency trading, on/off-ramps and token listings

As a white-label crypto exchange provider working in the market since 2013, we are proud to have clients with some of the oldest and biggest exchanges in the market, running 3-5 billion dollars trading volumes daily. Revenue streams from trading comprise 90% of the broker’s revenue. Aside from that, many of the renowned brokers sell listings – integrations of new coins or tokens on the exchange. Medium-sized exchanges can charge from $50,000 to $300,000 and the top ones’ listing fee can be up to $2.5m. We’re opening up such opportunities for our customers, doing new blockchain integrations in 4 weeks and token listings in just 1 day.

  • Low competition among venues providing algorithmic trading 

With an influx of institutions and algotraders, the demand for high-frequency trading rises. A huge number of algotraders is serviced only by a few trading venues, which becomes a prominent opportunity for new businesses. Physical colocation is not widely available in the crypto market, even though the cost of its provision is much less than in traditional finance. Even the biggest exchanges don’t support physical colocation, which makes it difficult to onboard hedge funds, prop trading firms, and others.

Case of a forex broker that integrated crypto and saw 400% rise in revenue

Look at the case of eToro, which introduced cryptocurrencies in 2017. Before adding digital assets, their revenue was $60m; this grew by 438% within one year after introducing crypto services, amounting to $263m

Seven years before that, in 2013, they launched the Bitcoin CFD market. They then realized that by not providing direct cryptocurrency trading, they were losing their traders and thus missing out on larger  revenues to the growing crypto exchanges.

Let’s take a closer look at eToro’s current statistics:

  • In 2021 their annual revenue exceeded $1.2b
  • Today eToro has over 20 million users. 
  • On a global instance they support 80 cryptocurrencies.
  • Overall, they offer over 5,000 financial instruments. 
  • In the last 2 years the number of funded accounts on eToro grew from 0.7m to 2.6m.
  • Crypto trading drove 73% of eToro’s commissions in the Q2 of 2021, compared with 7% a year ago. Considering that they have 1% commission on crypto.

How Scalable helps forex brokers enter the crypto market

During the decade of our experience we developed and perfected these turnkey digital assets trading solutions that help forex companies enter the crypto market as fast as possible and get exposure to the 55 million crypto audience.

White-label exchange platform

Modular exchange technology with our centralized exchange platform. In just 12 weeks, you can launch a full-fledged deep liquidity exchange with Spot and Margin Trading, Perpetual Futures Contracts and over 3000 trading pairs. Among features: customizable trading terminal, integration with TradingView, trading competitions, reward hub and an extended list of advanced order types, including complex OCO and OTOCO orders.

Connection to liquidity

No need for expensive remarketing operations, manual rebalancing and settlements; with Scalable you get seamless and automated access to 15% global Spot liquidity with 0.01-0.02 spread on top pairs.


Utilize Scalable’s robust APIs as building blocks to integrate digital assets operations into your venue. Enable your company to accept digital assets, implement fiat on/off-ramps, run custodial operations and much more.

White-label custodial and non-custodial wallets 

Depending on whether your company wants to hold custody over your users’ funds and secure the private keys, we offer custodial and non-custodial white-label wallets. Beginners and professionals can benefit from a seamless trading experience, enabling them to buy, sell, send, receive and swap over 600 digital assets.


In the current economic turmoil, the rules are harsh: those forex companies who will be able to adapt and follow the fintech trend – exposure to crypto – will significantly increase their revenue, user base, and customers’ loyalty.

If you have realized that your forex company is losing profit from a substantial share of your potential audience –  traders who are interested in crypto – Scalable Solutions is the right partner to support you in this hard but exciting journey of entering the crypto world. Get in touch with our team to discuss it in more detail.



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