Scalable Tokenization

Leverage the advantages of blockchain technology to tokenize your assets removing the inefficiencies of traditional securitization process.
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Tokenization Benefits

The Scalable asset tokenization platform gives our clients the ability to issue digital assets, security, and utility tokens, as well as quickly deploy smart contracts. By tokenizing real estate, commodities, shares, and high-value goods, we channel liquidity where it previously did not exist.

icon Immutable ledger
Immutable ledger Data is permanently stored and may not be altered.
icon Liquidity
Liquidity Enable superior liquidity for assets previously illiquid like real estate.
icon Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction Tokenizing assets by issuing a native token which can be traded costs nothing.
icon Automated Compliance
Automated Compliance Compliance is achieved in an automated manner via smart contracts

Marketplaces for tokenized securities

Issuers can provide more attractive deals to investors by re-defining traditional deal roles. Cash flow terms can allow for cash to be more readily returned to the deal generating higher returns for investors and lower cost of capital for issuers.

Indirect costs related to technology, vendor, legal, and other deal counterparties can be automated in smart contracts, lowering deal costs. The flexibility and immutable ledger provided by STOs can enable optimal deal execution.

Our Clients

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