The fastest way to market. With the lowest risk to you.
Our white label technology creates your exchange or token and gets it running quickly without complications. Our battle-tested processes and deep expertise ensure a streamlined efficient set-up.
Speed. Above and beyond the competition.
Our matching core handles 100,000 trades a second. Superior execution with tick-to-trade latency of less than 500 microseconds with colocation. Uptime of 99.99%. Outstanding 24-hour support
Large-scale liquidity, straight out of the box.
Access 10-15 percent of global spot liquidity across the industry’s deepest books from day one. Choose from over 3000 trading pairs and 600+ digital assets. More than $1 trillion worth of orders have been processed using our core software already.
Look at our track record. Security comes first
Some of the biggest players in the digital asset landscape trust our industry-leading custody service that is built to eliminate human factor as a policy variable. Our systems have never been compromised.
A truly Scalable Solution.
From small-scale retail, through to intermediate and professional levels, our services are modular and scale up with your business so you pay only for what you need while enjoying industry-standard support.

Scalable Products

Scalable Exchange Platform
Scalable Custodial Wallet
Scalable Custody
Scalable Liquidity

Scalable Exchange Platform

Our exchange tech is the industry flagship with speed and redundancy hardwired into every line of code – achieving performance benchmarks of sub-500 microseconds internal tick-to-trade for colocated traders and synthetic matching engine throughput capacity of over 100,000 TPS.

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Scalable Custodial Wallet

User-friendly, secure, with your brand at the forefront.

The Scalable Wallet offers a fast and secure gateway into the world of digital assets. A turnkey integration to the white label exchange, it provides the ultimate trading experience for users of all levels.

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Scalable Custody

The custody module provides the highest level of storage security by utilizing air-gapped dedicated hardware and versatile multi-party and factor authentication forming a multi-tiered security architecture.

The system design relies heavily on advanced internal controls and time-tested open-source cryptography

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Scalable Liquidity

Brokers, instant exchanges, retail traders, non-professional algorithmic traders, market makers, order routers, OTC desks, sophisticated propshops, and established institutions enjoy Scalable-powered connectivity to one of the industry’s deepest liquidity pools.

This diverse mix of participants forms the highest quality market microstructure for virtual currencies, ensuring next-level customer satisfaction for our brokers.

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Structured Products

Designing smart-contract based infrastructure for syndicated deals and structured products: escrow infrastructure, origination, unbounded flexibility in designing on-chain derivative products.

Capital Markets

Leveraging the DLT stack to create more frictionless capital markets, transcending the classic infrastructure for processing, originating and disseminating data for corporate actions.


Comprehensive solution for tokenizing, authenticating and tracking commodities adding value accross the entire value chain.

Equity Shares

The primary and secondary market infrastructure for security tokens allowing for greater liquidity at fraction of a cost.

Digital Assets

We leverage over a decade of experience working in the digital assets space to deliver custom built blockchains to suit the needs of your business.

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    Scalable 2013 - 2024

    Scalable was established nearly ten years ago with the mission to revolutionize financial markets and the digital assets space.
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    2021 Seamless Integrations

    Integrated a range of technology partners with a focus on security and AML measures, providing clients with more choice of integrations. Clients can now choose between 5 payment gateway providers and 4 KYC & KYT partners.

    Completed and received the SOC 2 certification. Our SOC 2-certified software is already being used by regulated trading venues, for which having the required certifications in place is a prerequisite for successful and legal business operations.

    We welcomed a number of clients in new markets, expanding Scalable’s global reach. The value of total orders processed has reached over $3 trillion with a capacity of 100,000+ TPS.

    2020 Sophisticated Products

    Developing a number of derivative products including options, swaps, and futures to meet the growing demand from institutional investors for such instruments and enable our customers to enter new markets that are naturally less risk averse. Our total orders processed have now reached a total value of over $2 trillion.

    Restructuring of Exchange, Custody, Wallet and Liquidity Products under one single brand. Birth of Scalable Solutions AG in Switzerland.

    2019 Market Maturity

    Over 30 brokers from all over the world joined the liquidity pool, driving the total orders processed to nearly 300 billion with a total value of over $1 trillion.

    Began collaboration with various DeFi projects in retail banking, trade finance, and real estate focusing on cost reduction and overall market efficiency.


    Cold backup for mission critical systems and supplementary data centers

    Battle Tested

    Over 300 billion orders processed at 99.999% availability


    Robust system performance regardless of data flow demands


    Utilizing IPSec protocol for all internal data flow

    2017-2018 The Adopters and the Great Expansion

    Expanded the custody’s capabilities to hold over 500 currencies across over a dozen different blockchains and granted our clients the ability to open over 1,000 trading pairs, while bringing down the required integration time of new assets on any platform to just a few hours.

    Over 500

    Digital assets

    5+ years

    Of uncompromised security

    Global Institutions

    Running on our core tech

    2015-2016 Institutional Demands

    Integrated and onboarded instant exchanges, prop desks, stat/ml-arb trading firms, market makers, and hedge funds. Deployed a number of exchange and broker instances across the globe and increased substantially the depth of the liquidity pool.

    < 200 μs

    Mean Order Execution Latency

    < 0.001%

    Historical Downtime


    Executed in < 1 ms.


    Executed for > 25 ms.

    2013-2014 Built, Deployed, Optimized

    A team of aspiring enthusiasts mainly with the quant trading, applied mathematics and finance background have gathered together to start building software that we hoped one day will turn into the core infrastructure upholding the emerging digital asset world. 

    Launched multiple fully fledged trading systems, which saw over 100,000 registrations in the first month of operations. Upgraded the datacenter infrastructure and optimized a wide range of microservices across all modules of the software.