The unconquered bastion of cyber security

Our tech, custodial and otherwise, has been, and is being used to custody, trade and move billions of dollars worth of digital assets. It has been subject to every known attack vector and has remained resilient. Scalable audits is the vehicle to broadcast our expertise to the chosen industry peers.
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Products and Services

Who is it you are going to trust? Overpriced consulting firms or industry leaders in custodial tech with close to a decade of spotless track record.

Smart Contract audits

An interdisciplinary team of computer science and infosec PhDs with years of experience in developing and auditing smart contracts is at your disposal.

Smart Contracts consulting

You know your tokenomics inside out, but lack confidence in implementation? Best in class architects and developers as well as security experts are here to assist.

Penetration testing

Our systems remain impenetrable to this day in large part due to a team of whitehat hackers that works day and night to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist in our infrastructure. Our track record speaks for itself. We can do the same for you.

The Audit Process

Stage I

During the Assessment stage we review the architecture and the source code, determine the duration of the audit, and provide a custom quote. The duration of an audit depends upon numerous factors, including the size of the codebase and its complexity. We utilize an established and refined through the years audit process that allows us to complete audits rigorously and rapidly, with some audits taking as little as 36 hours.

Stage II
Security Review

Throughout the Security Audit we review the full codebase and documentation (e.g. smart contracts, deployments scripts, specifications). Our expertise in compilers, consensus algorithms, contract VM, blockchain node configurations allows us to audit efficiently entire dApps, wallets, and blockchain protocols.

Stage III

In this final stage we prepare a Security Audit Report which lists and describes in detail the vulnerabilities found and includes mathematical proofs as well as recommendations to guard against potential attack vectors. The vulnerabilities are categorized in accordance with their severity level and for each of them, a recommendation for their efficient elimination is provided.

Stage IV
Collaborative Improvement Workshops

While we believe that the Security Audit Report is highly valuable for each of our clients, we have found that it is highly important to provide further assistance once the development teams begin working with the Security Audit Report, especially when critical vulnerabilities have been found. We organize workshops that have proven to help implement our recommendations within tight time frames, in a collaborative manner.