Scalable Exchange Platform

Create a professional digital asset exchange, backed by one of the fastest matching technologies, running at top performance from the get-go
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icon Bare Metal Fast
Bare Metal Fast Cisco Nexus switchers at LD4 for ultra-low-latency connectivity.
icon Upgradeable
Upgradeable Periodic essential infrastructure upgrades and third-party integrations.
icon Modular
Modular All microservices are interlinked with proprietary binary protocol for maximum speed.
icon Battle-Tested
Battle-Tested Over 300 billion orders processed at 99.99% availability.
icon Network Capacity
Network Capacity 70,000 mps per channel with 2 Gbit/s system wide average data flow.
icon Scalable
Scalable Our core seamlessly scales to thousands of trading pairs.
icon Redundancy
Redundancy Cold backup for mission critical systems and supplementary data centers.
icon Secure
Secure Utilizing IPSec protocol for all internal data flow.

Scalable Exchange Platform

Speed, redundancy, scalability, security – above and beyond the competition.

Our exchange tech is the industry flagship with speed and redundancy hardwired into every line of code – achieving performance benchmarks of sub-500 microseconds internal tick-to-trade for co-located traders and synthetic matching engine throughput capacity of over 100,000 TPS.

< 200 μs Mean Order Execution Latency
< 0.001% Historical Downtime
99% Executed in < 1 ms.
0% Executed for > 25 ms.

Institutional-Grade Connectivity

The market data generated by the trading activity on the platforms is highly essential to all the market participants and other stakeholders, such as traders, investors, regulators, data vendors, and alike.
FIX 5.0

Placing of new orders, making order status requests, fetching execution reports, and cancelling orders, all in a standardized internationally recognized format.

Binary Multicast

Our native multicast binary MD protocol is the state-of-art system meant primarily for professional institutional traders allowing for more compact messages, and down-to- nanosecond time precision.

REST & Websockets

These APIs contain a set of operations related to user authentication, market data and trading history receiving, and finally direct trade and accounts management.

We treat robust and efficient market data dissemination protocols as one of our key services.

Scalable system build on resilient architecture to allow for instant failover as well as harmonized feed with high availability.