Scalable Liquidity

The liquidity pool provides instantaneous access to a global and diverse network of participants.
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icon Deep & Liquid Order Book
Deep & Liquid Order Book The deepest liquidity pool in the digital assets space that leads the price discovery across hundreds of markets. The fully-lit order book ensures that “dark” liquidity does not erode the trading conditions for any one trader.
icon Market Surveillance
Market Surveillance The liquidity pool is constantly monitored to ensure that predatory market practices are detected and deterred, while orderly trading is preserved and erosion of the market quality is prevented.
icon Narrow Spreads
Narrow Spreads The spread is kept narrow not only at the top of the book but also across its depth, ensuring a balanced order book that contributes for minimal slippage and efficient execution for any order size.
icon Buy-Side & Sell-Side Friendly
Buy-Side & Sell-Side Friendly Brokers, instant exchanges, retail traders, non-professional algorithmic traders, market makers, order routers, OTC desks, professional traders, and established institutions are currently trading in the liquidity pool.

Scalable Liquidity

Deploying a brokerage or an exchange instance is certainly a necessity, yet by no means a sufficient condition for actually initiating a successful business. Liquidity is the major differentiating factor among exchanges. Liquidity attracts order flow, and thus by itself generates more liquidity precipitating to concentration and creating natural barriers to entry, which are the hardest for a newcomer to overcome.

> $3 Trillion Total Volume Traded
> 15,000 BTC Average Order Book Depth
< 0.05% Average Spread

Heterogeneous Order Flow

This diverse mix of participants forms among the highest quality market microstructure for virtual currencies, ensuring next-level customer satisfaction for our brokers.
Brokers & Exchanges

The wide variety of trading pairs and order types allow seamless and efficient execution of the retail flow routed to the liquidity pool by brokers and instant exchanges from all over the world.

Institutions & OTC Desks

Deep order books for a wide range of leading digital assets and narrow spreads enable professional traders, large OTC desks and routing systems to get the best prices for themselves and their clients.

HFT Shops & Prop Desks

The diverse nature of the order flow in the liquidity pool attracts some of the most prominent market makers from traditional financial markets and emerging HFT rock stars of the emerging digital asset world.

We provide trading technology, which has processed over 300 billion orders, and we are capable of delivering deep and liquid markets with enhanced execution speed and quality, transparent price discovery, and overall robust infrastructure solution to the digital assets space.