Scalable Custody

Our industry-leading custody service is trusted by some of the biggest players in the digital asset landscape with controls in place that eliminate any single point of failure.
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icon Intelligent System Design
Intelligent System Design Robust and intelligent technological design, which incorporates established, open-source encryption methodologies.
icon Optimized Funds Flow
Optimized Funds Flow The system is optimized to minimize the amounts of funds held at the “hot” wallet without deteriorating end-user experience.
icon Robust Internal Controls
Robust Internal Controls All interfaces have been designed to be secure yet highly intuitive and to require minimum training even for new staff without prior knowledge of DLT.
icon Blockchain Agnostic
Blockchain Agnostic The custody supports over 500 assets including (but not limited to) BTC and its forks, ETH and its tokens, XRP, XMR, NEO, ADA, EOS and TRX.
icon Multilayered Security
Multilayered Security In case of emergency, you have a single master backup key that allows you to unilaterally move your funds, even if the service is unavailable.
icon Robust Risk Engine
Robust Risk Engine Our robust risk engine allows you to define individual and system-wide risk profiles to ensure that only transactions with a narrowly defined profile are allowed.

Scalable Custody

We have built intelligent custody services tailored to the needs of asset managers, market makers, and exchanges.

The risk-based approach employed when designing our architecture as well as the processes and procedures ensures that it is physically impossible to compromise the system without all key decision-makers conspiring to do so. In the vast majority of security incidents of the last decade when internal financial institutions’ systems were compromised, the adversaries hacked the system from the inside. Our infrastructure is built to exclude the human factor as a security policy variable.

over 600 digital assets
7+ years of uncompromised security
>10 global institutions running on our core tech

Scalable Custody Clients

Our services are utilized by some of the largest players in the digital assets space.
Trading Venues

Exchanges, OTC desks, liquidity providers and brokers rely on the Scalable Custody to securely store, manage and settle trades in a wide range of digital assets.

Scalable can be integrated to replace the existing legacy infrastructure of liquid hot wallets and safe cold storage architecture.

Investment Managers

VC’s, mutual funds, and hedge funds all utilize the Scalable Custody to securely hold their digital asset investments.

Storing funds with Scalable also gives institutions access to one of the deepest liquidity pools globally, for instant trade settlement and OTC transactions.

Banks & Custodians

With Scalable, they can offer their client total control, bulletproof security, and instant availability.

Our system design also allows for significant operating cost savings.

We have been in the digital assets space since its inception and we provide invaluable expertise to all the players which make up its rapidly growing landscape.