Scalable Custodial Wallet

Provide the ultimate trading experience with the Scalable Wallet, a turnkey solution to Scalable’s digital asset exchange.
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The intuitive digital asset wallet offers users of all levels an ultimate and seamless trading experience with your brand at the forefront.

  • Simple, clear, secure. The wallet’s interface is designed for ease of use and intuitive navigation, helping new users step into the world of digital assets with confidence.
  • Users can easily buy, send, hold, receive and swap every asset listed on the exchange.
  • The app is simple to navigate across platforms, with support for both iOS and Android.

High-level security and access

Scalable Solutions infrastructure is known for its battle-tested security. The white-label wallet is no exception, integrating all the best security practices in the industry – 2FA and identity verification, biometric access through TouchID or FaceID, as well as passcode functionality. Users can safely navigate the app across multiple devices.

Ultimate ease of use

  • All wallets and balances are summarised in one dashboard
  • Easily convert coins and tokens to other digital assets with a tap inside the app
  • The wallet supports all the popular payment methods, making it simple to buy assets

Individual wallet personalisation for users

  • The latest news in the crypto world are easily accessible through the app
  • Users can tailor their news feed per coin in every wallet
  • Coins of interest can be added to a personal watchlist
  • Users can choose between light and dark modes
  • The wallet offers reliable transaction monitoring, including details of user transactions on the blockchains used
600+ digital assets Users can buy, send, receive, hold and swap every asset listed on the exchange. The Scalable WL exchange boasts over 3000 trading pairs and 600+ digital assets.
Floating and fixed rates Users can choose between a more profitable rate with higher risk, or a less profitable rate with less risk attached. The flexible approach to the exchange of assets allows you to attract both professional and beginner traders.
Card deposits & more The wallet accepts bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and other payment methods, making it a powerful tool for attracting users.
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