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Scalable Solutions is a global Blockchain technology infrastructure & software powerhouse. Since 2012, our team has been developing an institutional-grade trading software that serves as a B2B solution for Exchanges and Brokers to the millions of users of the most well-known and trusted trading platforms in the space. Our white-label platform has processed orders worth more than $2tn and has never been compromised.

Scalable has over 160 engineers and developers with unrivaled experience in quantitative finance, high-load systems, and cryptography working across more than six countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus. Scalable Solutions is committed to being the leading technology infrastructure provider for the digital asset market.

Scalable Labs is a digital and blockchain development engineering boutique with 40 dedicated engineers who make custom wishes a reality—focused on digital innovation, back-end, front-end services, machine learning & AI, blockchain development, and hardware technology.

Team Solutions

Mark Berger

Founder of Scalable Solutions with the vision of getting the blockchain technology ready for highly regulated financial institutions. Mark is running his Strategy and Management Consulting firm based in Zug for over two decades. He co-founded several startups and managed exits successfully. He also ran a crypto desk at a swiss based investment bank and defended the business model against FINMA.

Blaise Rufo
Head of Client Success Management

Blaise joined the Scalable Solutions team to lead in the growth and development of the company’s client services division. He delivers nearly a decade of trading, investing, sales and business development experience coupled with a strong interest in trading tools and analytics. Prior to joining Scalable Solutions, Blaise worked with over 100 clients, partners and institutions in the digital asset exchange market place.

Cristina Stavila
Head of Marketing

Cristina has extensive experience in building partnerships with emerging and established brands, helping deliver marketing campaigns for clients across a multitude of industries, including the financial sector. Having worked closely with international teams to drive product strategy and analysis, Cristina is committed to delivering the best solutions to clients.

Ramiro Gamen
VP Sales

Ramiro brings over 5 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Scalable Solutions, Ramiro worked in Business Development for leading online derivatives brokers and as Financial Analyst for a top-tier global economic consulting firm in his native Buenos Aires. Passionate about blockchain tech since he was first introduced to Bitcoin, Ramiro co-founded the first Bitcoin College Club in South America while volunteering as an active member of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina. A true crypto-believer and early adopter, Ramiro also acted as the LATAM Representative for Factom.

Boban Saric
Sales Manager

Boban brings over 5 years of experience in business development. He has created, led and managed sales teams in various industries, with confirmed success in all of them. Starting from a local company in Montenegro and moving to worldwide companies over the years, he has reinvented businesses that he worked for, taking them to new heights. At Scalable, Boban continues taking an active role in business development and delivering successful services to clients.

Team Labs

Maria Reshetnik
Head of Scalable Labs

Maria drew upon her years of management experience on the cutting edge of fintech development to put the pieces of Scalable Labs together. She continues to lead the team in accordance with her drive to make the innovative possibilities afforded by new financial technologies available to institutional clients of all sizes.

Tati Torres
Business Development

Having been in charge of forging partnerships for companies across the spectrum of modern business before zeroing in on digital finance, Tati has the breadth of vision necessary to craft unique solutions for a diverse clientele. Tati works with partners to build gameplans in which Scalable Labs can help them maximize their potential.

Sonya Belotsky
Lead Project Manager

Sonya takes ideas and turns them into results. Once a plan of action has been drawn up for a project, Sonya puts the pieces in motion and sees to it that targets are met and goals are accomplished. With years of experience working with tech teams, Sonya knows how to get the most out of talent.

Pavel Korotkov
Technical Blockchain Consultant

Pavel has over 15 years of experience in software development. His professional path paved through building large-scale distributed systems for financial Fortune 500 companies to sophisticated decentralized/blockchain systems brewed at talented startups. Beyond commercial development, Pavel also teaches a number of Computer Science courses at a leading East European university.

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