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A digital and blockchain development engineering house focused on innovative value added solutions, including back-end and front-end services, machine learning & AI, blockchain development and hardware technology.
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JavaScript / VUE, React
C++, C#, PHP, GO, Node.js, Rust
Java, Kotlin
Swift, Swift UI
Mobile Framework
Flutter, React Native
C++, GO, Solidity

Past Projects

Smart-Contracts Smart-Contracts are designed to operate on data provided by the blockchain. We can create an ERC20 smart-contract that will take into account your various business needs. Written on Solidity, it will ensure compliance with any adjusted rules and help you manage your business in a more effective and trusted way.
Financial Fraud Analytics System Visual interface for attributing blockchain structure to real-life entities and tracking the movement of funds. The system is compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
Blockchain Trust Systems By combining data provenance solutions with blockchain technology, we make data more trustworthy and provide tamper-proof information about its origin and history. This, in turn, smooths functionality for a great number of products and services powered by the information of real things.
Blockchain Games Blockchain gaming works with different levels of decentralization to make cross-game interoperability, player-driven economies and play-to-earn gaming models a reality. In practice, it’s all possible because of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens. The uniqueness and non-interchangeability of NFTs make them central to the potential of blockchain gaming, giving players true ownership over their digital items.
Digital Asset Mobile Trading Platform The platform is available in Google Play and the App Store. Application support is available, working with legacy, re-design and integration of new functionalities. It allows the implementation of real-time clearing and order matching algorithms. Built on Kotlin and Swift, the implementation is of Swift UI.
Coins, Tokens and Forking Thanks to our in-depth expertise, we can start new coins or tokens by building an entire new blockchain network, forking an already existing one or leveraging an existing chain by creating a token on top of it. We are Blockchain agnostic and have dealt with up to 70+ different blockchains in the past.

About Scalable Labs

Our 160+ member team has considerable experience working with new technologies and distinct applications to broaden and strengthen the industries we work in by providing secure, scalable and robust solutions.

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