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Customer Support & KYC Integrations for Exchanges

Mar 15, 2021
Customer support service exchanges

This month we have developed a series of articles on the main issues faced by digital asset exchanges. Among the predominant ones we could find Security, Liquidity, Scalability and Usability. We would like to round up by discussing the last major task faced by exchanges, and that is providing not only adequate, but superior customer service.

Client and customer service

Before we start, we should clarify that in our line of business, “customer service” can have more than one connotation. As a white-label technology provider, we distinguish customer service for both our direct “clients” and indirect clients (“users” or “customers”). The former (and the ones we will refer to most throughout this article) include those who acquire our solutions. The latter are the customers of our direct clients (the exchange’s retail users, to be more specific).

Customer support for white-label clients

An interesting -and often overlooked- aspect of customer support lies in its creation. More specifically, the situations that create a need for support to arise. At its core, exchanges deal with two main types of requests (through the form of “tickets”): those related to users’ enquiries and solicited fixes of products that are not working correctly, and business/technical tasks that include feature requests, tests needed, etc. Although time-consuming, the first type of requests can be categorized as being relatively easy and fast to resolve, depending on the size of the support team. Conversely, the second type can be easily funnelled through to the technology provider, that will diligently take care of them. This separation can grant a more efficient allocation of time and resources, leaving the white-label client to take care of simple consultations, while the industry experts tend to the more complex issues, like developing new features or adding new tokens without disregarding operational security. This allows the exchange owner more flexibility and resource efficiency, since they don’t have to hire somebody in-house to develop new features or solve similar issues. 


Because customer experience includes not only what happens once you can utilize the exchange platform, but also the time and other resources it takes to access and exit it (like Know-Your-Customer processes, deposits, withdrawals, etc.), it is important to account for everything in order to make the trading experience as seamless as possible.


Scalable Solutions leverages wide industry knowledge and capabilities within our business model. Having Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee high-level offerings can assure unmatched service. Systems that have never been breached mitigate hacks and its related customer complaints. From small-scale retail, through to intermediate and professional levels, a 99.99% uptime minimizes (or even reduces entirely) complaints on outages and all the related inconveniences. Even client-requested features create positive externalities throughout all our client portfolio, propelling us to offer the most comprehensive set of tools for our clients’ customers.

Regarding KYC and AML compliance, Scalable has multiple partnerships with established KYC operators like Elliptic, Sum&Substance, Accuant and Crystal Blockchain, ready for our clients to tap into quick, robust, and inclusive KYC/AML compliance platforms.

Contact us here for more information on how we can help your exchange or broker become the best version it can. 

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