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The Time to Launch Self-Custody Crypto Wallet is Now

Jul 17, 2023

The Time to Launch Self-Custody Crypto Wallet is Now

Did you hear about the recent security breaches in the crypto industry? Atomic and Trust Wallets fell victim to hacking, resulting in a massive loss of approximately $100 million in the last 2 months. 

Nevertheless, the percentage of funds held on non-custodial wallets has increased from 20% in 2021 to 40% in 2023. As of January 2023, the total AUM on self-custody wallets was $400 billion. AUM on CEXs at the same time was $1.8 trillion. This represents a decrease of 15% from the previous year. 

There is an obvious trend that users want more control of their funds. The situation with FTX and a number of other exchanges has made users more concerned about the safety of their funds. And has triggered a transfer of funds to more reliable solutions.

At Scalable, we always prioritised security. Which resulted in 0 funds lost in 10 years in the market with our centralised and decentralised solutions. As the leading players lose their trust, now is the best time to enter the DeFi market. 

Today we introduce our updated self-custody crypto wallet. Our white label solution gives your audience the privacy and security they expect within a minimalist and intuitive application. Here’s why our solution stands out:

  • Open Source Code: Verify the wallet’s security and make custom modifications to fit your specific requirements
  • Buy, Sell, Swap and Hold: Empower your users with seamless options for managing their funds
  • Branding & Customization: Tailor the wallet to match your brand and create a unique user experience
  • Support for 15+ blockchains and 1500+ tokens
  • Benefit from several revenue streams: on/off ramp, swap and trading fees
  • And even more features like fiat to crypto, notifications and dApp marketplace

Launch a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet for your customers in weeks. You can learn more about our new solution here or schedule a demo with us and we’ll guide you through all the key aspects.

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