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Achieving an Award-winning Brokerage for Institutional Traders

Sep 29, 2022

Customer Success Story by Scalable Solutions

Company name: Bequant

About: Prime Brokerage for institutional investors and traders.

Year Founded: 2018

The Goal

The client’s aim was to set up a cryptocurrency broker for institutional and professional traders. The client was looking for a strategic partner that offers:

  • Access to deep liquidity;
  • PRO trading features;
  • The ability to set up their own matching engine and offer colocation;
  • FIX servers for the end-users;
  • Quick time to market.

Why Scalable?

The client has chosen Scalable Solutions because our technology is tried-and-tested, it has never been compromised and it supports the demands of the most advanced traders (i.e. high-frequency traders) in terms of speed of execution, robust APIs, and little to no downtime.

The Solution

Scalable worked closely together with the client to establish a strategy for the future brokerage. Scalable provided and helped to deploy a full-tech solution, including crypto and fiat on and off-ramps, integration to most coins on the market, and access to KYC tools.

“Scalable was able to cover all of the requirements in a short amount of time – we were up and running in less than two months.”

The Outcome

Since 2018, Bequant has attracted 120+ institutional clients and provides them with spot, margin and perpetual futures trading along with B2B institutional services. 

It now sustains over $818.65 million 24h trading volume.

The brokerage has won two industry awards: an award from TradingInsight Awards 2022 Europe for the “Best Solution for Trading Digital Assets” and an award from Hedgeweek US Digital Assets Awards in the “Best Prime Broker” category.

“Since our target audience are institutional traders, the number of clients we have trading is necessarily smaller than in the retail market, however, we were able to gain considerable traction on the back of the colocation and FIX offering,” says George Zarya, CEO of Bequant.

Advice for Industry Colleagues

We asked George to tell us about his vision of the crypto sphere trends and share some knowledge with his industry colleagues.

“The digital assets market is here to stay and will become a major asset class and technology that will shape financial markets for decades. Institutional adoption is imminent. With it and with the new developments in tech, digital assets will proliferate to the mass market, which means the opportunities are huge for any player that is getting started, even now. If you are looking for a modular, versatile and robust infrastructure to run your digital assets offering, Scalable Solutions is a reliable and capable partner. You can take advantage of their out of the box solution or use their APIs to build your own vision for your users’ experience.”


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