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White-label Trading Platform: Clients, Problems & Solutions

Aug 26, 2022

The cryptocurrency exchange business is profitable but undoubtedly time and energy-consuming. It’s obvious that this business is not for easy money seekers. But who is it for? Read on if you’re curious about the types of clients Scalable Solutions helps and how we work with them.

Exchange Business Owners

It may be surprising, but this type of client already has an exchange; however, it often either doesn’t meet their standards, has some problems, or needs upgrading. This type of client knows the industry and clearly understands what he/she wants from a technology partner.

What goals do we help them achieve?

Every client has different needs, so we tend to develop an individual strategy based on these needs and goals. Here are some examples of CEX owners’ issues that we have solved:

  • Upgrade a current trading system for it to meet security, technology, liquidity, custody, and other requirements.
  • Achieve predictability of the product plan and scalability and flexibility of the platform.
  • Solve problems with their platform, such as breaches of SLA, security issues, an inability to sustain the declared uptime, low quality of technical support, etc.

Traditional Financial Institutions

Interest in the cryptocurrency market is only growing. According to a research report released by Ripple, 79% of respondents are interested in buying crypto from their bank. Traditional financial institutions such as banks, brokers and exchanges, hedge funds, and others can’t help but answer their customers’ demands. Such institutional clients want to gain exposure to the crypto market and look for white-label software companies that can help execute this plan quickly and professionally.

What goals do we help them achieve?

  • Introduce cryptocurrency trading, swaps, and custodial services into their current offering.
  • Fast and cost-effective time to market. Delegate the development of cryptocurrency solutions to a turnkey technology and liquidity provider to cut the development costs & timelines.
  • Choose an infrastructure provider that has never lost a single penny of its clients’ funds.

Forex Trading Entities

Forex trading entities also want to keep up with trends and consumers’ demands. They are quite used to SaaS solution providers, so they often choose a white-label solution as the most cost-effective and time-conserving solution.

What goals do we help them achieve?

  • Expand their offer to crypto trading. Deliver a complete solution without the client being involved much in technical details.
  • Scale up as the exchange business grows. Offer a PRO trading platform, including Margin and Futures trade features. Moreover, they require a bigger list of coins and trading pairs, as well as scaling up in terms of technical capacity: matching engine capacity, average order execution time, and uptime during the year.
  • Open up a new stable revenue stream from highly volatile crypto markets attractive to FX/CFD traders.

Fintech Startups

Startups are often active and eager to convey their value to users, but they can lack resources and expertise. That moves them to seek a reliable technology partner that knows the industry from the inside out and can guide them in the digital assets space.

What goals do we help them achieve?

  • Reinforce the market offering by introducing operations with cryptocurrencies if they don’t have crypto trading in their venue yet. If they do have it, then building connections with a deep liquidity pool and scaling up their technical capacity, making their product highly competitive is something Scalable can help with.
  • Develop a high-quality product that will help them gain users’ loyalty and investors’ attention right from the beginning.
  • Free up time from development to focus on other business processes such as sales and marketing, while we ensure fault-tolerant architecture.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Of course, some people don’t have any business experience yet. Some of them are expert traders who want to up their stakes or crypto enthusiasts eager to start their projects.

What goals do we help them achieve?

  • Understand the market. Develop a business strategy and vision of their future project.
  • Have a strategic partner that will ensure well-established processes.
  • Have a reliable customer success team that has the customer’s back and keeps its best interests.

Coin or Token issuers

It’s often challenging to drive users’ interest in a project. In the long run, projects are looking to build communities around their own trading ecosystems rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on listings on third-party exchanges. In this case, driving the user base to a native platform is a natural and lucrative strategic business decision. You can learn more about it from our recent article: How Can a Token or Coin Issuer Benefit from a White-label Solution?

What goals do we help them achieve?

  • Drive users’ attention to their project, build trust, and grow their community, using tools like trading contests, staking, referral programs, etc.
  • Create an additional distribution channel for the token.
  • Open up an additional income stream.

ATM Business

Scalable offers multiple white-label solutions, such as a trading platform, as well as custodial and non-custodial wallets. So, our clients can choose whether they want to acquire only a trading platform or a whole ecosystem (trading platform + wallet). If a client already has an ATM, they can aim to expand the business and start an exchange.

What goals do we help them achieve?

  • Grow capitalization, market share, or profits.
  • Expand their crypto-asset offering, driving bigger conversion and withdrawal volumes.
  • Enable them to capture the user base and grow the LTV by having a united ecosystem of the wallet with the ATM.

Closing Thoughts

Scalable Solutions has been on the market for almost a decade and has clients all over the world, many of them ranking in the top 20 exchanges of CoinMarketCap. With this short article, we aimed to introduce the variety of businesses we can help take to another level and succeed in the digital asset space.

If you’ve recognized yourself in this article, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to see how you can benefit from Scalable Solutions.

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