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Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Mar’22 Market Overview

Apr 12, 2022

March, 2022

Key Takeaways:

Spot Market

Trading volume on six leading spot cryptocurrency exchanges in March went up to $700.7b, which is 8% higher in contrast with the February results [15].

Graph 1. Crypto-only Exchange Volume [15]
Note: Spot market share of cryptocurrency exchanges with primarily only crypto support

Futures Market

Graph 2–3. Volume of Bitcoin Futures and Volume of Ethereum Futures [15]

Glassnode analytics proclaim that BTC derivatives market in February and March 2022 has historically low implied volatility and futures premium, and such a market situation has historically forerun the periods of high volatility, and usually with an upside trend [7].

Aggregated open interest (OI) of BTC and ETH along with its prices had an upward trend in March, and at the end of the month it reached its highest values of $17.55b and $9.27b for BTC and ETH correspondingly.

Graph 4–5. Open Interest on BTC Futures and Open Interest on ETH Futures [15]

At the end of March, OI of futures contracts on BTC reached 1.94% of the Bitcoin market cap; while historically, leverage ratios of more than 2.0% of the market cap led to sharp de-leveraging [7].

3) Long/ Short ratio

BTC Long/ Short ratio on Binance shows that domination of BTC long positions over short positions during March discontinued at the end of the month, where the minimum BTC Long/Short ratio achieved 0.68.

Graph 6. BTC Long/Short Ratio on Binance [15]

4) Liquidations

The liquidation level in March wasn’t considerable versus the first two months of the year. However, the highest liquidation of almost $500m was recorded on March 28, when BTC price went up by 5%.

Graph 7. Liquidations [4]

Options Market

The options market in March has demonstrated the same tendency as the futures market.

  • The volume of BTC options grew by 21% and reached $20.8b.
  • The volume of ETH options decreased by 5% and achieved $11.4.

Overall, we can observe growing interest in the options market.

Graph 8–9. Volume of BTC options and Volume of ETH options [15]

Dynamics of Leading Assets

1) Prices

  • By the result of March, bitcoin price went up by 8.9%, and came up with January price level of $47.8k
  • The price of the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum climbed by 15.9% and reached $3,384.
  • By the results of the first quarter, the price of the first cryptocurrency went up by 1.6%, and Ethereum fell by 8.2%.

Graph 10–11. BTC price and ETH price [15]

Glassnode analysts note that in Q1 2022 BTC was traded in a narrow price range, and they suggest that the market could expect higher volatility on the short-term horizon [7].

2) Market Capitalization

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market as of March 31, 2022 was $2.25 trillion, which is 25% higher compared to the capitalization of the end of February.

Graph 13. Total Market Capitalization [15]

Large Venture Rounds

In March 2022, several blockchain companies attracted funding of less than $150m, which are Polychain ($125m), Сryptos Capital ($110m), Mina Protocol ($92m), Hex Trust ($88m), Lunar ($70m), Blockmetrix ($43m), NFT-marketplace Magic Eden ($27m), Gauntlet ($23.8m) and Lava Labs ($10m).

M&A Deals

Other Events

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