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Derivatives & New Platform Integrations

Dec 03, 2021
Derivatives & New Platform Integrations

Derivatives in Scalable platform

Scalable has integrated Perpetual Futures into its white label exchange solution. The new derivatives instrument allows contracts with no expiration date and the possibility to hold them indefinitely.

Trading with futures has some advantages over spot trading, which makes them an attractive and profitable tool among market participants. According to The Block Research, in 2021 the trading volume of BTC and ETH futures in 2021 have risen beyond $32 trillion, which is 338% higher compared to 2020.

Advantages of futures trading include investments being more highly leveraged, which make them extremely capital-efficient. Future markets are also very liquid, where higher liquidity usually implies less risk.

KYC: Biometric Liveness Check with SumSub

The Liveness Check KYC feature from SumSub is based on biometrics verification. This is a safer, quicker and more user-friendly KYC verification method that our technology clients can now integrate.

Simplex & XanPool Payment Gateways

Simplex and XanPool are the newest additions to the Scalable platform, facilitating fiat to crypto payments.

KYT: Crystal Blockchain is added

Scalable’s new KYT partner, Crystal, provides crypto transaction analysis and monitoring for exchange, bank, and AML compliance requirements.

New Types of Orders available for traders

Traders can now choose between Hidden Orders (HO), Reduce Only Orders (RO) and Take Profit Orders (TP) for their trading strategies.

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