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Mar 30, 2022
Scalable FMFW Case Study

How to save $1,5 mln on a launch of a crypto exchange that will sustain more than $5 Billion trading volumes per day?


The client was seeking to launch an extraordinary exchange in the crypto space in partnership with and Roger Ver, owner and creator of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world – Bitcoin Cash. Roger acted as mentor/investor and brand provisioning entity.

The main business goal was to establish a UK-regulated exchange with lightning-fast trading, trusted digital wallets, and industry-leading security to lead a revolutionary technology across the EU region.

What business tasks did the client want to solve?

  • Establish a well-maintained white-label crypto exchange solution with rapid setup time.
  • Get the most reliable solution available on the market (stability/performance).
  • Have a “ready to go” liquidity pool without any need for market making.
  • Target the retail market as well as institutional clients.
  • Ensure minimal possible cost of solution maintenance.
  • Have the ability to scale the product in accordance with the growing needs (e.g. additional features development, analytics provision, coins management, custody management).

Client challenges

  • The client wanted the exchange to look like a well-established successful business right from day 1 which was achieved through our deep liquidity pool.
  • Certain third-party integrations delayed the process of launching the exchange.
  • The client did not know the whole roadmap at the start of the project, so it was evolving while the project was going.
  • Feature requests were complex and required deep analysis and development (e.g Referral Program, Margin, Futures Trading, Staking). Results

  • More than $5 Billion in 24h trading volume, ranked in Top 10 Cryptocurrency Spot Exchanges
  • 1.2m of on-boarded users who trust their funds to
  • 80+ institutional clients
  • The exchange launched in 30 days
  • By launching Margin Trading client increased monthly revenue by 20% on its own
  • By launching Futures Trading client increased the monthly revenue stream by 15%
  • Saved roughly $ 1.5 million going with a well-established white-label solution and own liquidity pool on setup/onboarding cost

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