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Gleec BTC powered by Scalable Solutions white-label exchange technology

Feb 15, 2021
Gleec Scalable Solutions exchange

February 2021. Nearly three years after launching Gleec Coin, a digital currency created for real-world use to purchase services or products through a dedicated ecosystem, the Gleec platform is taking it one step further by introducing Gleec BTC, a digital asset exchange.

Utilizing Scalable Solutionswhite label software, Gleec BTC will profit from deep liquidity, battle-tested security and a modular approach to technology that will enable them to easily scale as needed. 

Daniel Dimitrov, CEO and co-founder of Gleec, commented:


“After listing Gleec Coin on exchanges that run on Scalable Solutions’ infrastructure and starting to actively trade on them, we realized the potential of the underlying exchange technology. We then decided to replace our existing exchange infrastructure for Scalable’s in order to provide our wide user base with the best trading experience in the market.”


Scalable Solutions, founded by Mark Berger, has a team of pioneers with decades of experience in both traditional financial markets and blockchain technology. Scalables’ turnkey solution has helped exchanges launch and grow to new heights by providing an industry-leading trading engine, a high number of transactions per second, the highest standards of security and a dedicated customer service team. 

Licensed in Estonia by the Agency of Economic Activities, Gleec BTC customers will be able to trade their Gleec Coin on the platform, as well as the trading pairs GLEEC/BTC, GLEEC/EUR and BTC/EUR, with the outlook of adding more in the future. The digital assets can also be easily accessed through a user-friendly mobile application, regardless of location. The app is ready to be downloaded, and the platform should be available to trade on Google’s Play and on the iOS App Store. 

Mark Berger of Scalable Solutions shared:

“We are looking forward to the full launch of Gleec BTC and working together to provide their clients with a seamless trading experience. It’s exciting to see the digital asset exchange industry grow, especially with providers, like Gleec, who are offering a wide range of services, from payment processing in crypto to Bitcoin ATMs, as well as allowing clients to easily access euro-to-BTC trading through their euro wallet.”



About Gleec BTC

Gleec BTC is a reliable exchange where you can safely buy, sell, trade and store your currencies. The exchange was designed to ensure great transparency, guaranteed security and easy traceability. The team is well-versed in this area and is always working to make sure that the sophisticated network runs smoothly. Gleec’s aim has always been to keep the user experience simple and to prioritize privacy, security and user control. Every step of the customer’s journey in the app ecosystem has been engineered with user experience as the first thing in mind. 

Along with the new exchange software, Gleec is also improving its range of products to result in a gain of utility for crypto. Gleec Coin, the exchange’s native currency, is expanding its market by listing also in other leading exchanges, such as Bittrex and Bithumb. Later this year, a prepaid Visa Card will be available for those who want to top-up their cards with Gleec Coin and Bitcoin (BTC). We are positive that the growth of Gleec’s platform will benefit the cryptocurrency community as a whole and increase the speed of mass adoption.

About Scalable Solutions AG

Scalable Solutions offers white-label technology to launch your own professional digital asset exchange and blockchain infrastructure to tokenize any asset and get everything running quickly — without complications.

With a built-in deep liquidity pool, battle-tested digital asset security through Scalable Vault technology, and 24/7 support from our Customer Success team, we ensure robust performance at all times.

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