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Introducing Lite Instant Exchange: The Gateway to 300+ Million Crypto Users

Jan 13, 2023
Introducing Lite Instant Exchnage

Over 300 million people worldwide used or owned cryptocurrencies in 2022 and this number is expected to continue rising in 2023. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges play a pivotal role in onboarding new users to the market as they provide a full spectrum of services in digital assets and Web3.

While the industry is growing and exceedingly more features are introduced, platforms lose their ease of use and become too sophisticated for crypto newbies. In such moments, it’s important to remember the philosophy behind all major successful brands: ‘the simpler – the better’. To accommodate a diverse audience, the vital solution is to divide the crypto audience into beginners and professionals, offering each segment a distinct user experience to meet their individual needs. 

That’s why Scalable delivered the Lite Exchange White-label Solution, an effective tool to attract a fresh and loyal audience eager to start using digital assets.

What is Lite Instant Exchange?

Lite Instant Exchange is a simplified version of Scalable’s PRO Exchange Solution. It combines basic trading tools with a minimalistic and intuitive interface to offer an effortless experience for crypto novices.

Overall, the app provides all the necessary functions that a crypto newbie may need: instant swaps across 650+ assets, fiat on/off-ramps, internal transfers, withdrawals, and deposits, and staking.

What other benefits does Lite Instant Exchange Solution offer?

  • All-inclusive liquidity

Our exchange-as-a-service comes with seamless and automated access to deep liquidity across over 1500 markets. We know how important it is to optimize your capital when launching your exchange business. With Scalable you don’t need to open accounts with other trading venues or brokerage firms and put up the working capital to facilitate transactions through them. This method is extremely capital inefficient, so we don’t offer it. Our conditions are matchless: we DO NOT require any collateral to connect you to the liquidity pool.

  • Unlimited listings

Did you know that listing fees comprise a substantial part of a crypto exchange’s revenue? For instance, our clients charge $30,000-$150,000 for a new coin/token listing. We can open up new revenue streams for your business, too. Our team does blockchain integration in 4 weeks and token listings in just 4 days.

  • Regulatory compliance

It’s easy to get lost in the nuances of crypto regulatory frameworks. Lite Exchange Solution offers integration with dozens of industry-leading regulatory services that know exactly what the local regulators want from you. Moreover, they will ensure your business meets all regulatory requirements, including custody, KYC, KYT, and AML procedures.

  • Battle-tested security

Security and risk management are integral parts of any crypto exchange business. Our decade-tested security has never undermined our clients’ trust and loyalty.  For example, our platform’s user security features include 2FA, whitelisting, IP tracking, message alerts, and history of active sessions.

  • High-quality UX design

A high-grade experience is essential for attracting and retaining first-time users who seek simple and fast solutions. The interface is easy to navigate and all functions are up to 4 clicks away.

  • Maximized User Engagement and Retention

We designed this product to maximize user LTV. Create custom marketing campaigns in the back office, along with referral programs to maximize user acquisition. Control and manage user activity and life cycle – trigger users to complete KYC, perform and check transaction statuses, check the price of a growing asset, and more! 


Lite Instant Exchange was developed as a compelling solution to attract a new wave of crypto adopters. It caters to all essential functions with the best user experience in mind. Combined with all-inclusive liquidity and state-of-the-art security that comes with all our products, Lite Instant Exchange becomes a plug-and-play solution for sustainable business that can bring you millions of loyal users.

Get in touch with our team for more details on launching Lite Instant Exchange.

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