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Introducing Perpetual Futures: Grow Your Revenue Despite the Crypto Winter

Jan 24, 2023
Frow your revenue with perpetual futures

Perpetual futures are the most popular derivative traded on the crypto market, with more than $100 billion traded daily. Perpetual futures, unlike traditional futures contracts, are not limited by pre-specified delivery dates, reducing the need for a trader to constantly create a long or short position. Discover our article What Are Perpetual Futures?

Perpetual futures, also known as perps in the digital assets world, provide high leverage without the need to physically own the asset. For instance, this is up to x125% on our platform. Also, unlike traditional futures contracts, where price can deviate from the spot price, perps’ prices usually stay closely in line with the spot price due to the funding rate mechanism. 

In summary, perps remain very appealing to traders as they allow them to speculate short-time and long-term asset price movements, regardless of their fall or rise, without time constraints. They give traders an edge in both bear and bull markets. That’s why futures trading became extremely popular during this crypto winter. December 2022 saw $310,95B Spot trading volume on exchanges, while on BTC Futures alone it is $343B. Thus, the volume on the BTC Perps market is bigger than the aggregated Spot volume! 

Despite the growing demand, only a few exchanges offer their users such trading opportunities. For instance, only 7 exchanges from the Top-10 Spot Exchanges by CoinMarketCap offer perpetual futures trading.

Benefits of integrating Scalable’s Perpetual Futures Platform

One of our public clients, FMFW, launched perpetual futures a year ago. They saw a 15%  increase in monthly revenues in the first month after launch. Currently, crypto futures generate 30% of the total revenue for FMFW. 

We are excited to be the one and only white-label provider to offer a Perpetual Futures Trading Platform, especially under the current market conditions. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that Scalable’s Perpetual Futures Platform brings to our clients.

  • Unbeatable risk-management mechanisms

We’ve had several cases where business owners approach us explaining that they have tried to develop their own perpetual futures platform, but failed. From experience, we do not recommend that you rely only on your inner resources. This is especially true when it comes to security and risk management. Delegating this risk to a technology company with experience will ensure that risk-management mechanisms and security are tested on dozens of clients and in various situations, providing the best and most secure experience to users.

  • All-inclusive liquidity

All our products-as-a-service come with seamless and automated access to deep liquidity across 1500+ markets. This condition alone is matchless when considering perpetual futures. What’s more, we DO NOT require any collateral to connect you to our liquidity pool.

  • New pairs can be easily added

We support many more pairs than just BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. Overall, there are currently 20 future markets from BTC to SHIB and this list is going to grow. 

  • High leverage – up to x125%

Perpetual futures give traders access to high leverages, which is very alluring because one can get more significant returns within a short period of time. Even among industry-leading exchanges, only a few can boast a leverage offering of more than x50% –  with Scalable Solutions, your business can be one of them.

  • Fast time-to-market

We roll out a fully-developed Perpetual Futures Platform with automated liquidity access, perfect risk management, a Customer Success Team available 24/7, and all other nuances taken into consideration – in just 12 weeks! While all the technical parts are left to us, you have time to organize and start a pre-launch marketing campaign to fuel the users’ interest.


Perpetual futures’ popularity skyrocketed during this bear market as they allow traders to maximize their returns even during unstable economic conditions. However, not many exchanges manage to keep up with the demand. Scalable Solutions is the only white-label provider that can help you unlock such opportunities and significantly increase your revenue.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Perpetual Futures Trading Platform.

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