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Scalable Labs: Innovative Digital & Blockchain Development

Nov 30, 2020
Scalable Labs Blockchain Development

November 2020. Scalable Solutions is broadening their services with the introduction of Scalable Labs, an innovative digital and blockchain development powerhouse. It includes back-end and front-end services, machine learning & AI, blockchain development and hardware technology solutions. 

Scalable Solutions specializes in white label exchange technology, integrating essential services such as liquidity, custody, and tokenization as part of their product. Given their experience in the field of blockchain since its mere beginnings, the addition of Scalable Labs acts as a natural extension of their services. 

The dedicated Labs team is well versed in technologies ranging from Javascript, C++, GO, and Swift to React Native and Solidity, able to cater to all aspects of a development project. Customized applications and challenging projects are their go-to choice of venture, with an accent placed on ensuring high security. Previous works have included fraud analytics systems, smart contract development, cryptocurrencies and forking blockchains, dapps, blockchain games and more. Importantly, the team is blockchain agnostic as they have worked with over 70 different blockchains in the past. 

The possibilities are truly endless. Start or upgrade your own blockchain project by getting in touch with our team here today. 

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