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Top 5 Things to Know about Scalable Solutions

Mar 17, 2022

1. White label technology is our thing

White label is a term used to describe selling a product or service, while letting the buyer rebrand it to make it appear as their own.

In our case, Scalable Solutions provides the trading infrastructure behind cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, while letting our clients rebrand and customize the front end with the company’s identity so it can be used as a proprietary product.

White label technology, whether for exchanges or digital asset wallets, allows clients a much quicker access to market at a fraction of the cost of building something in house. There’s a multitude of reasons why choosing a white label technology partner could be the right thing for you, including the fact that you gain a tested solution, the cost of which is considerably less than developing in-house. You can learn more about white label technology in our blog post here.

Thinking of building an exchange? The software requires expert developers that are not easy to come by and would need to start everything from scratch.

We collaborated with some of the strongest names in the industry to create a blueprint for building an excellent exchange and what needs to be considered — you can find it here.

2. We operate in the fintech industry, with a focus on blockchain technology

Financial technology is a continuously emerging and expanding industry. Our team includes a strong mix of people with backgrounds in traditional financial structures and methods of delivering financial services, as well as pioneers in innovative blockchain technology.

We cater to digital asset exchanges globally and understand the regulatory aspects that need to be taken into account when setting up and running an exchange. One of our aims is to get blockchain technology ready for highly regulated financial institutions.

For example, our technology supports the FIX protocol, allowing established financial institutions to integrate trading algorithms designed for traditional markets seamlessly into the world of digital assets.

3. Need liquidity? We’ve got you covered

One of the greatest struggles that a blockchain project can face relates to trading — low liquidity, low activity, high slippage, wide spreads — in short, a trading nightmare.

While market makers and liquidity providers are major players in current markets, running with third-party liquidity providers or market makers requires a myriad of operations, such as moving, re-balancing, and withdrawing funds, or hiring compliance teams.

Along with our white-label exchange solution, at Scalable we offer a less common, more efficient alternative to liquidity needs: a connection to some of the deepest liquidity in the entire digital asset space. You can learn more about it here.

4. We take security very seriously

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency world is ripe with scams, attacks, and digital asset theft.

To counter the risks, we have built intelligent custody services tailored to the needs of asset managers, market makers, and exchanges. Our infrastructure is built to exclude the human factor as a security policy variable.

Scalable custody clients include trading venues (exchanges, OTC desks and brokers), investment managers (VC’s, mutual funds, and hedge funds), as well as banks and custodians. With multi-layered security and robust risk engines in place, none of our client’s funds have been compromised.

Curious about the types of security issues exchanges might face? Read our blog post to learn more.

5. We’re all about scalability

As our brand name implies, we deliver infrastructure solutions that are scalable. First and foremost, Scalable Solutions is a technology provider, and good technology should be able to grow along with its clients and their needs.

Whether an exchange client is just starting out and only needs the top 10 most popular trading pairs or an exchange with a large user base wants to continue growing but is limited by its technology, our technology can scale according to the project’s needs.

Explore more about scalability and how it can be achieved.

While these are only our top 5 things to know, there’s lots more to discover!

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